We specialise in:
Laser Cutting
CNC Bending
CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
Plasma Cutting
Pipe Cutting
Stainless Laser Cutting
Light Fabrication
Flame Cutting

Machinery of expertise
7 x Milling Machines (CNC)
up to 1.3 m between centres

1x 12 m Plasma Cutter

1x 12 m Flame Cutter

Turning Machines (CNC)
7 x Turning Swing
400 swing x 1.5m long

Laser Cutting 1 (5-off)
Up to 6Kw laser power
Up to 4000x2500 sheet
Mild steel up to 25mm 300wa
Stainless steel up to 20mm

Press Brake x 5
Up to 220 ton, 4 meter long

Fabrication – (up to 3 tons)
All light fabrication is within our capacity.
Tig and Mig welding, as well as stainless steel and aluminium.